10+ Hilarious ‘Extra Fabulous Comics’ That Only People With A Twisted Sense Of Humor Will Get


Funny comics with unexpected dark twists, a healthy dose of criticism against our society, pointing out the stupidity of things, and thinking about important life issues – that’s what Extra Fabulous Comics is! Artist Zach started drawing these comics back in 2011 and is getting stronger than ever. Since he started his first steps as a professional comedian artist, he has amassed many fans on the Internet, and he even has his own subreddit dedicated to his cartoons. We’ve rounded up some of Zach’s newest comics to put a smile on your faces dear Pandas, so scroll down and have fun. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites, let us know which comics you liked the most and why, and read on to get to know Zach and his art better. When you’re done enjoying this post

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#1 They left out the part where the doctor calls you a liar and/or a junkie for describing your symptoms.



#3 I try not to tell people what to think, added the artist. My goal is to do something that everyone can enjoy. It is important to take breaks from the never-ending stream of news, and I think I am honored to provide a place where people can lower their defenses. Before, I didn’t make statements, but then I often regret them. The split has become the norm. I do not want to foment the extremism and hatred that is being instilled by so many voices on both sides. I have very strong beliefs, I just don’t want to. I do not believe that I have enough intelligence to spew them out to the masses.


#5 When asked about the popularity of Extra Fabulous Comics, Zach addressed the relationship between humor and pain. “A lot of people use humor to deal with the pain in their lives, and most, if not all of my comics are created from this place. I think this is a big part of why some people like them. I am very fortunate that I have been able to communicate with people this way over the years










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