15 Illustrations That Prove Motherhood Is a Never-Ending Adventure


Julia is one of the most resilient moms who take all the difficulties easily and with a good sense of humor. She draws cartoons and posts them on her own page on Instagram, which is followed by thousands of other mothers. There they communicate, find like-minded people, and discuss interesting situations that every woman who had to take care of her baby could understand. We have found that Yuria’s comics are sincere and positive. They have everything: humor, irony, and raw truth. That’s why I want to show it to the reader. Perhaps they will support the mother on maternity leave or remind others of its “golden age.” In any case, all the negatives are left in the past, so they will definitely make you smile, but those bright memories of your baby’s first year will remain forever.

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I am impressed by the mother who restores her body to its original shape after giving birth. My heart and motivation are even more excited by those who have succeeded in making their bodies even more gorgeous than they were before they had children.

The other day, I wondered what breastfeeding looks like from a baby’s perspective.

It was the second hour that the baby walked around the nursery. Is your husband also a superman?

Basically, my son’s claws grow at cosmic velocity. Or that seems to me.


Dear mom, how do you relax on the weekends?

My father-in-law sometimes joked, and now I have to nail everything and furniture to the ceiling. The flowerpot was sitting by the window until the moment Felix began to reach out for him. Did the plants in your home move somewhere above the place that was with your child’s appearance?

Felix is two years old and the number of times he hears the word “mom” can be counted with my fingers. Recently, in the morning he suddenly called me. At that moment, I slept with earplugs in my ears, but I couldn’t hear them on my baby monitor. Fortunately, my husband heard it and brought Felix to her bedroom, which made me happy with the news. In the cartoon above, hearing this important word showed how happy it was to rush to the baby’s room in the morning.







#15 Do all moms do it or am I wrong?

Please tell us about your parenting experience. Have you encountered the situation presented by Julia?


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