20 Best News Of 2020 Illustrated By Artist “Mauro Gatti”


Every time I turn on the news, it looks like something new and horrifying is happening somewhere in the world. I can’t help but wonder if 2020 will actually be cursed. But don’t worry. This year has been pretty terrible so far, but Italian illustrator Maurogatti wants to show that not everything is as bad as it sounds. Mauro is the creator of a project called Happy Broadcast. This is a series of colorful illustrations that describe all the positive news that is happening around the world. 2020 has been a tough year for the whole world, but I’ve never seen so many wonderful stories of human kindness as we saw in 2020 See Mauro’s latest illustrations in the gallery below.

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Despite all the challenges, the humanities seem to understand how deeply we depend on each other and how our mental health is central to the recovery and well-being of all. Mauro told us. Sharing the good news is a fun experience for everyone and an important part of everyday conversation.










But there are so many good things in this world that we just need to find and promote. The reason we have the positive news we share is that some amazing brave individuals are all of us. Never forget that you did something to solve the problem you are worried about, so one at a time, all of us can have a positive impact on the positive news. It’s time to become








One of my favorite pizzas is the classic Italian Margherita, as well as pizza bianca (no cheese or sauce) after baking a cold mix of vegan feta cheese, arugula, olive oil, salt and fresh thyme. Means) topping. It’s very fresh and different from regular pizzas you eat in restaurants, but since I’m a creative person, cooking is another way to express that, “said Mauro, who is now similar at home. I want to bake.


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