20+ Comics That Can Make Women Laugh But Never Allow Certain Behaviors


Bella’s comics is basically her personal life diary that people around the world can actually relate to. My comics are based on personal encounters in my daily life. Initially, she wanted to make a diary comic to remind her of things in a fun and special way. It also describes women’s struggles, such as the time of the month and how to deal with it in life that some women may be involved in. Have you ever felt like you’ve seen it before while scrolling through a comic? Let’s do the truth, it was probably in your own life! We all find ourselves very individual and different, coming from different cultures and backgrounds, but in an interesting situation that looks exactly the same. All of us have few secrets. Some people like to take funny pictures in the bathtub, others like olives and pineapples for pizza. Belgian artist Bella Sriwantana reflects in her comics the moments she shares on Instagram. All women can be involved in the situation shown in the photo, but men can be a little confused.

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Life is full of challenges and surprises, but the best you can do in the most ridiculous and ambiguous situations is to laugh at them! There are many 7 billion people in the world who are on the same page and who are completely relevant to your experience and can laugh with you. This is what artist Bella Sriwantana expects by sharing a quirky cartoon about her daily life. She opens up about her ups and downs, the general girl struggle, and many self-sarcastic and humorous relationships.



















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