20 Comics That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like Living With A Dog By This Artist


Pug Mochi is no ordinary dog. Far Baby is the sweetest boy in all the little everyday life that he experiences when life is full of excitement and joy of life (if you agree with the fact that dogs can also experience these great emotions). Actually, the main purpose of mochi is attractiveness. The pug is also the inspiration for the comic book series by Spanish artist Genma Jin, who currently lives in New York. Gema’s adorable paintings, which depict Gema herself, her adorable mochi, and her two rescued brothers, Hughie and Dew, have won the hearts of 338,000 followers on her Instagram page, 157ofgemma. And it all started with the fact that Djema lost a lot of pugs at work, and she began to draw his cartoons in the subway. She knew very little. They were destined to become a hit among cartoon lovers and dog lovers to whom Jem’s cartoons seemed more than familiar.

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#1 Honestly if you don’t talk to your pets in literal paragraphs, you’re doing it wrong?


We contacted Gemma Jena to find out more about Mochi, the creator of the adorable comic. Gemma started posting comics on Instagram and realized that people are dealing with them very much. I often hear this comment:” I have a camera at home because my dog ​​is doing the same thing!-She said.


After all, what I thought was unique about rice cakes is typical of many dogs! We mistakenly have a very supportive community of dog lovers who have grown over time. is created.




Gemma also said she tried very consistently to publish a cartoon about their daily life together. Over time, her drawing style changed, more characters were added, and two new members joined the Moti and Gemma family.













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