20 Funny Comics By “Maria Scrivan” Will Help To Make Your Day Beautiful


Maria Scrivan is an acclaimed New York Times columnist and award-winning cartoonist.
Her work has appeared in a number of publications, including MAD Magazine, The Nation, London, American Bystander, Parade Magazine, Wired, Prospect Magazine (UK), Macmillan Books, Fun Times, Mashable.com, and HuffingtonPost.com. she has also licensed Her work on hundreds of receipts for Recycled Receipts, Welcomes to America, NobleWorks, RSVP, Design, Woodmasterne (UK), and more. Maria is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the Society of Illustrators. It won the National Cartoonist’s Society Reuben Award for voting in 2019 after being elected in 2016, and 2017. Maria Scrivan’s cartoons are so funny consistently, it is almost impossible to realize you are busy writing and illustrating books at the same time. I love this one and in the old days, it would be cut out and stuck on millions of refrigerators!

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#1 Even if they did get take out, mom’s going to regurgitate it to them anyway

#2 I know the feeling

#3 That’s funny

#4 He stuffed his jaws full of food

#5 My cats have always been more partial to strolling across the keyboard. One of them could crash the computer Every Single Time

#6 Exactly

#7 Too funny

#8 Soooo cute!!

#9 Maybe the table lamp egged her on.

#10 Just fabulous



#13 Maybe you should run a CAT scan

#14 This Little Piggy lives in one of them thar trailer homes…sturdiness factor somewhere between straw and sticks. But I’m quite open to the AirBnB!!

#15 Truth.

#16 Of course. Someone will insist on breakfast.

#17 That’s hilarious


#19 Desire to leave the house has left me!

#20 Boy is my little guy ever shedding now! I think I have more fur on me than he has on him now!


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