20 very funny faces of dogs who want to grab a piece of delicious food (20 photos)


Every dog lover knows that in the pursuit of delicacies, the pet is ready to build such a sad and hungry face that even give an Oscar! Someone succumbs to their tricks, someone steadfastly ignores, well, we just watch from the side and laugh merrily, throwing photos of very emotional songs in the saves.

#1 Is it even legal for pugs to refuse ?!

#2 When you picked up a quarantine, and your thin friend is eating ice cream nearby.

#3 How much hope is in this look


#4 We would also do anything for such a yummy!

#5 Well, at least a piece … are you sorry?

#6 Just a picture of the Renaissance 🙂

#7 Ponytails are also not averse to getting to chocolate.

#8 Here’s how hopes crumble …

#9 Well, not asking for a cake is a sin!

#10 If I hypnotize this cookie, it will certainly fly into my mouth.

#11 When your dream is all in some kind of leap from you.

#12 Newspaper sausages can be very tempting.

#13 It seems I painted dog food. So why don’t they give it to me?

#14 I wonder which of them eventually received the trophy?

#15 Well, what are you watching. I’m waiting for my share!

#16 Purposefulness is definitely a strong quality.

#17 And we won’t tell anyone what you ate from the master plate.

#18 She shines in the darkness like the moon.

#19 No, well, with pugs there really is some special case.

#20 Maybe she’ll even let me take a sip of milk …


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