30 Most Hilarious Comics That Prove Parenting Is A Tough Gig


I take more risks and get a little weirder with bonuses, and I think people like the unpredictability of that, ”Gordon said. “People love attempting to think about
where the additional joke will go, and I love having the option to astonish them by going a sudden way.”Through his comics, Gordon was able to travel around the world and communicate with people about his parents’ struggles. “It doesn’t matter who you are or
where you are from, We as a whole need them to grow up glad and sound, “he said.We love them with our entire being and care for them, and these little crap give us back the beauty, causing our life as troublesome as people to can get

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#01 One day late for National Dog Day, but rest assured, he’s still a VERY good boy. ❤️


#1 I get not wanting to do “stand”.

#2 ❤️ you too, but you gotta chill, sweet pup























#25 We have 3 kids. And this is exactly how my kids go to bed. No complaints, no fights and they’re all sleeping by 8:30 (including the oldest kids… which they are almost teens

#26 If only there was SOME way…

#27 I love ‘em, but I just need a second or two to rest my ears.

#28 That’s what I was wondering about when I was little. At the mall I would avoid him because I was afraid he Laura’s kids in to eat them ( don’t ask ) And his throat was so tiny, I was afraid to get stuck! And be stuck there forever more!

#29 This is called “selective hearing” or “being an a-hole”.

#30 I keep getting bucked up by my kids.


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