25+Hilarious And Absurd Comics Will Make Your Day Better.


Joseph Novak, a 34-year-old Canadian illustrator who currently lives in Berlin, creates witty one-panel cartoons that are guaranteed to cheer you up. The most exciting part of Novak’s work is that you can never guess what awaits you; in his absurd parallel universe, anything is possible. From inverted surreal scenarios such as a banana sliding over a person and flowers receiving a bouquet of people to the daily struggle of a centipede or robot relationship problems, the artist finds humor in the silliest and most random situations. So if you crave fast and smart entertainment, check out the best Novak comics!

Profile info: nowakdraws.com | Instagram | Facebook | twitter.com

Nowak posted his first cartoon in August of 2013 and says it has been a daily exercise ever since. I am still very much interested in other forms of visual creation. I also draw in other styles. This cartoon has more or less become a somewhat daily exercise, just to get started in the day





Absurdist humor is nothing new, but it makes even more sense in a world that is becoming more irrational every day due to the political background, economy, social problems, not to mention our number one public enemy at the moment – COVID-19 and how it has changed. life as we knew it. Surreal comics are an escape from the absurdities of reality., we’re constantly trying to bring some light into your daily life, and we’ve published more comics in the past that you might be interested in. Check out these hilarious and absurd Proidemtes by Russian artist Stan Korabelnikov, laughably hilarious Goat to Self by Canadian Cameron Spiers, and absurdly silly webcomics by Will Doodle’s Shellfish on the Side.






















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