30 Quirky And Dark Comics With Twisted Endings By Artist “SpaceBoyCantLol”


So far, comics can hardly surprise you. They have become an extremely popular way of expressing thoughts and opinions in a humorous way, which people around the world can quickly laugh at. However, this artist will make a hit in bringing something new to the table. SpaceboyCantLOL challenges logic and reality with its absurd and funny comics that often end with twists and turns you haven’t seen coming. His comics range from heart to weird to very dark, so there’s a comic for everyone’s taste. The creative mind behind the SpaceboyCantLOL comics is a big fan of superheroes and you can see that in his work – our favorite superheroes and other pop characters appear in the tapes, revealing their unexpected life behind the scenes. Currently, the artist has 39.7k Instagram followers who return for a daily dose of fun and entertainment, and you can be one of them. “Space boy can’t LOL! But you can,” the artist writes, so let us know in the comments how it’s going!

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Behind SpaceboyCantLOL Comics is Mohit Srivastava from India, who fell in love with comics as a child. I contacted the artist to find out how he started his journey as a comic artist. My parents tell me that I once found some comic books as a child and I fell in love with them. So other kids my age learn to read fairy tales and I was here, with the graphic novels of my cousins, just to look at the pictures. to go because using advanced English in them made no sense to me. Growing up, I would just draw comics on every piece of blank paper I found in the house and right at the end of the test work this way, I did a lot Prisoner attracted, but I do not regret it.I am currently working as a creative leader in a US company.But my job is not entirely about comics, so I keep my love life for comics. Through my social media page,


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