4 years old dog with sad eyes watched her neighbors in the shelter disperse (9 photos)


Sometimes the stories of the most ordinary homeless dogs are worthy of the script of an adventure film: in a few years they manage to survive a lot, and it is good if their wanderings end happily. Today we will tell you about one such ward shelter “Kind Heart” nicknamed Fanta.

The red-haired girl Fanta fell into the “Good Heart” tiny puppy along with several more fluffy babies. She had to grow up in a crowded aviary, where every day there was a struggle for human attention.

Shelter life affected the character of Fanta: it was not easy for her to trust people, she did not run towards each guest, was more closed than other dogs. Fanta was also not in a better relationship with her relatives because of constant rivalry.

The timid Fanta spent three years in a shelter before she was taken to live in an apartment. With the new owners, the dog changed, became very attached to them, and everything went well, but once Fanta ran away from home. As it turned out, the beloved mistress at that moment was away – that’s why Fanta decided to arrange an escape.

For six weeks, volunteers searched for the former ward of the shelter, and in the end they still found it! But what was their surprise when it became clear that the owners were not eager to take Fanta back. So the dog, betrayed and had time to wander, again found herself behind the bars of an aviary.

Fanta became even sadder and more self-absorbed, but her life changed dramatically with the advent of Victoria. The girl began to supervise the dog, walk with her, spend time, and soon – decided to pick her up in her house.


Victoria has another red dog in the apartment – a spaniel, and two cats. Fanta fit perfectly into this friendly company, despite its past problems!

In the new house, Fanta opened up on the other hand: she became more affectionate, friendly, although, as before, she fully trusted only one person, beloved mistress of Victoria.

Fanta had a long way to go. It is good that she met a lot of good and responsible people on it!


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