A frightened tiny kitten was looking at people from under the hood


In cold weather, some motorists discover uninvited furry guests under the hoods of their cars. Cats and cats climb into these secluded places to hide from frost and dangers. So did the main character of this story, a tiny kitten girl with the unusual nickname Daenerys.

Daenerys was discovered under the hood of his car by the inhabitants of Velikiye Luki. Kroha was barely a month old, and she could only stare blankly at the people who discovered her with big curious eyes.

The little adventurer was handed over to the volunteers of the “Dear” shelter. Unfortunately, Daenerys almost immediately picked up the disease: she was treated and nursed, but there were still chances that the baby would not get out.

Fortunately, Deya (so she was called “her”) recovered and soon she was already actively jumping on all accessible surfaces at home overexposure. This fragile girl was incredibly charming and showed the makings of an extremely smart cat – how not to fall in love with her!

Despite her extremely young age, Deya loved taking care of the people around her. She loved to murmur, caress, lick people close to her, as if playing in cat-mother daughters.

Such an incredibly cute cat simply could not go unnoticed, so she soon rushed home from her overexposure!

In the new family, a miniature charm took root quickly. Now she is named Marysya. Do not call it, the beauty and grace of this lady does not take away!

Tell me, do you have any pets? If so, what are their nicknames? Share in the comments!


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