Artist Can Tell A Joke In A Single Panel, Here Are His 30 Best Works (New Comics)


Sometimes, while drawing comics, artists can spend hours creating many panels to work out their stories, but sometimes one panel is more than enough to convey your idea. Comic artist Nate Fakes is a perfect example! The said artist creates hilarious one-panel comics and is absolutely confident that his work will cheer someone up after a very long day. the artist said that he has been drawing since he received his first box of crayons and that some of his biggest inspirations are the Gary Larson comic The Far Side and MAD magazine. I have been a cartoonist all my life. Professionally, you can say that I started a little over ten years ago, says Nate. “This is a difficult profession, but also the most rewarding profession. The artist says that the best thing about a solo career is the freedom to work for yourself.

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Being an artist is not easy, it is easy to face a lack of inspiration, burnout, and so on, so we wanted to ask Fake about his ideas for comics. Read a lot, write a lot. If you are going to come up with ideas, you need to get into writing. As I mentioned earlier, they sometimes miss. This is why a routine is so important so that you are ready for them when they do. I also pay attention to everyday observations, and something may seem funny to me. If I can create a humorous perspective on circumstances, I will.

























I was greatly influenced by other cartoonists when I was growing up. The biggest ones were Gary Larson, Bill Watterson from Calvin & Hobbes, Walt Disney animators and Jim Davis from Garfield. Nowadays, I am constantly finding influence from different people. My parents also supported me during my childhood, providing me with markers and paper. Plus, they never judged me for drawing in class instead of paying attention.


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