Artist Captures Her Life With Her Boyfriend In Funny And Sometimes Spicy Comics (New Pics)


The new day means more comics … and it’s no different now because we wanted to meet the artist Esther Gonzalez, creator of the popular comic book called “miss.pad_thai “you. Esther’s comics often include humorous and actionable illustrations with humorous twists. The Spanish artist decided that it would be a fun idea to show their face by showing the less-than-bright side of life with its rise and fall. So we think that his unique comics are sure to make you happy and maybe make you laugh.

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With more than 138 posts on Instagram, the Spanish artist has amassed a large number of acceptable followers, more than 106k, to be honest. The author describes himself as An artist who really loved Walt Disney and Bill Watterson and has been painting since childhood (and has never stopped). We think it’s a convincing statement that says a lot about one’s character. With that said, we can also find a few small passages about Disney in Esther’s comics, sometimes even in an elegant way.
























Esther’s comics describe the real situation. Some happen when she’s with her friends, some in public, some with pets, and some while she’s hanging out at home. With all that being said, it is likely that artists have a worthy mission to inspire people and make them smile through their talents and creativity. Because who doesn’t love a funny and hilarious comic at the end of the day? This artist grew up in Spain, but when he turned 18 he went to study science in England and attended university. After finishing her studies years later, she picked up her suitcase and traveled to Thailand for a few months, trying to figure out what she wanted to do with life while trying to find inspiration.


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