Artist Sums Up Life With A Cat In These Hilarious 30 Comics


Nick Phillipou’s simple yet accurate comics tell the story of his life with his cat Minnie and their daily interactions. Those who have a cat already know what pleasure felines bring to their lives. But reminding everyone is okay. And for those of you who don’t know, now you can know. The comics are called “I iz cat”, which is written in the spirit of “cat tongue” similar to a meme that went viral in the seemingly ancient days of the Internet. Although the comics have a very basic drawing style, they do not show the artist’s skill but show how wonderful his life with a cat is.From classics like the cat in a box and their immortal hunting instincts to Minnie’s psychedelic antics with catnip and more, the comic covers pretty much everything from the spectrum of feline life with her beloved owners. But what’s more, they add humor and attractiveness that every cat owner (and not only them) can enjoy.

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#1 his was literally me at 4 a.m. This morning. My giant panther was playing with a field mouse. Right next to my legs. My first mother’s day with this cat has been very special and marked with death. Ty kitty

#2 So must be cats employed at most service hotlines

#3 What everybody needs

#4 Going to the bathroom before vs after cats…

#5 One of my cats really caught me an Easter bunny

#6 Every morning they wake me to have cuddles. Then we sleep again, till my phone rings and the day can start. I’m so lucky ? and they never ask for food

#7 Her Royal Fluffy Highness
















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