Comic About Wolf Butler and His Cat Master. ( CHAPTER 4,5 AND 6


The cat of a wealthy owner is always in a fit of mood. He is always irritable to an attentive wolf butler, but not particularly annoying … I think he really likes butter and is afraid to show affection. ALL CREDIT Gose TO ARTIST MANGA

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#1 after bathwater entered my ear… Should I pick them for you?

Not you! You there, come pick my ears ( Yes master)

Young master, I’ll do it now

master’s ear is so soft! Feels so good!!

pick pick pick……

The other ear let me pick it for you, YOUNG MASTER

They’ve been like this for half an hour, are they okey?


Use one umbrella for what. so annoying…. Are they all idiots?

Young master, I come to pick you up

Do you come to pick me up with one umbrella? CAN’T HELPED I’LL ENDURE STAYING WITH YOU THEN…

HAHA Waah watch it  ( ARE YOU NUTS!


Young master, please proceed! ( NAH, NOT IN THE MOOD

NEXT CHAPTER ( Master the food isn’t all served yet) (I’m full)

Master, the bed is almost ready ( I’ll go sleep in another room

BUTler (Wolf) Recently, I have a trouble

Young master always avoiding me I have to think of a solution…

Me and you watching a horror movie together? You used to say you like it, are you afraid to watch it now/

how can I be afraid… Until then he can not hide from me

if it’s a horror movie, there’s one that I want to watch let’s watch it together

To Be Continued


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