Enjoy These 30 Adorable Comics And That Will Be Help To Make Your Day More Beautiful


Phil Gerigscott his wife, their dog, and their parrot (RIP Parakeet Pete) moved to Portland, Oregon in 2016 from Goshen, Indiana, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree a few years earlier. received his art education at Goshen College. Phil spends his days drawing, drawing comics, and providing health insurance and the Benjamins. Phil’s paintings can be seen frequently throughout Portland in a variety of places to eat, drink and smoke, and his comic “Ope” is published weekly in Portland’s Willamette Week and in Burlington, Seven Days of Vermont. In addition to the World Wide Web, Phil’s books and music are available in more than fifteen stores in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and Japan.

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#1 It’s like the oppose of Han Solo bragging that he “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs” when parsecs are a unit of distance and not time. Lucas said it means that the navigational computers of the Millennium Falcon were able to better navigate next to a nearby black hole cluster.





#2 nice drawing. the mouse seems alive. good job.

#3 he’s poetic, intelligent, and funny!





#7 the rodent has a soul. if you have the confidence to sing on open mic night and only know like 6 chords you’re who i want to be in like 30 years. if you know only 4 chords take me now


#9 And not* spend the rest of the day on the floor in existential dread

#10 Yea, just like growler bears

#11 I like this it has the perfect balance of conceit and self-awareness.

#12 Rankine actually. They were adjusting Fahrenheit.




















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