Eskimut and pomsky: two representatives of unusual breeds conquer the world


Another amazing dog story unfolded in the vast expanses of cold and wooded Canada. A traveler blogger who calls himself HuMan started two simultaneously different and very similar dogs, with whom he is now jointly exploring this large and interesting world.

these two bright dogs and their cheerful owner. Their stories are completely different from each other, but, despite their differences, they have a great time together and are a real family!

The oldest of the pets is Jasper, who will turn 5 this year. It belongs to the Pomsky breed (25% Pomeranian, 75% Husky), and was recognized as “defective” by its breeders because of its large size. No one took Jasper, and he grew up with his breeder until HuMan noticed him.

Jasper loves walking in parks without a leash and in nature – according to the owner, this is what helped them to feel a special connection. He is active and freedom-loving, and still does not really like strangers. But if he likes a person, he does not get tired of kissing him, hugging and jumping on him with a joyfully wagging tail.

The charming Louis blended American Eskimo Spitz (32%), Border Collie (34.5%) and Alaskan Malamute (33%). His breed is Eskimut. Louis’s mother was rescued from a pack of stray dogs, and then she gave birth to several puppies in the house of her sheltering people. HuMan saw the announcement of the distribution of furry babies and realized that he should become his master.

In the first meeting, Louis was afraid to go to his new master, but after a couple of days he did not leave a step from him! This doggie is a real ray of sunshine, smiling, very social and adoring attention to itself.



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