Fat shiba inu in suits uplifts the whole internet


The Internet saw everything: dancing and singing seals, artistic dogs of all breeds and stripes, even exotic animals in ordinary apartments. It would seem, what else to surprise the users of a network saturated with content with? Shiba Inu, nicknamed Ku, has an answer to this!

Ku lives with her mistress in Japan and is the proud owner of an Instagram page with over 25,000 followers. Popularity was brought to her by photos in various costumes that go so well with her plump figure.




Ku has a very emotional face, on which endless fun, then embarrassment, then misunderstanding constantly slip. The owners use the talents of their pet and not only upload photos with her pug on instagram, but also print on calendars, which subscribers buy with great desire.







No, this is not photoshop: Shiba Inu is really a dog of rather compact size. No wonder their name translates as “a small dog from the forest overgrown with shrubs” 🙂


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