Father Explains The Friendship Between a Baby And a Dog (30 new Comics).


If there’s something new parents love more than their child, then upload their endless photos to social media sites. MY GOD! Sometimes it’s really annoying and we think, “exactly how many photos do they click each day?”. But anyway, we shouldn’t blame them because they want to show the world the innocent face of their cute child. Even we like to show up when we do something amazing. So how can new parents resist  themselves when they have revived this world?

While parents usually post photos of their children everywhere, Nate Anderson came up with the idea of ​​doing the same by turning. Really cute turn and we guarantee that you will not get annoyed even after seeing 30 pictures. That’s right!After the birth of Andreson’s first child, Rowan, he decided to introduce his child to the world, but in a funny way. What he did was start creating his child’s online comics with the Golden Retriever. And the results are pretty fascinating. This online comic is called “Boy And Dog Comic” and is very cute. Scroll down to see the wonderful friendship between baby and dog.

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#1 You only have trouble if you get caught


he thought about the beginning of this amazing online tape at the birth of a child. “My life has been changed by this nimble, grumpy boy who filled my house with laughter and cocoa. At first the animals didn’t know what to think of him, but my golden retriever Murphy decided he was pretty cool, “he said,” Rowan loves the dog and will scream with joy as soon as Murphy is around. I started drawing comics to show what I imagined in my mind.

#3 When Rowan goes to sleep, Murphy thinks it’s crazy playing time





























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