Here Are Our Top 30 Comics That Describe The Dark Conversations Between Sharks And Other Aquatic Animals


Shark Life is a web strip that shows real facts about sharks along with witty humor – they were created by Christian Talbot (writer) and Sophie Hodge (illustrator). Our comics about animals mostly talk about the little things of everyday life, relationships, and emotions. We thought it would be funny to put those things in the mouths of fish that are considered to be cold-hearted killers. Also, sharks cannot claim royalties. The more I learn about sharks, the weirder and more attractive they are, the more we find them. Many marine biologists now follow our funny comics and the price of the Nis joke about plankton. Our creative ideas come from all sides. It could be a phrase I hear or a newspaper story or something that happened to me that can thinly cover up as if it were happening to a funny animal. Sophie will often send me a random situation to write a cartoon.

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It all started by writing small dialogues between these animals that speak on my Facebook page as a way to make sketches. I wanted to show that I could write something like that, as well as the established routines that I would generally do. They were quite popular with some of my comedian friends and encouraged me to do it as a web comedian. I can’t draw, so I was thrilled to learn that Sophie could not only draw them, but she managed to add her own unique style to the whole thing. They are funnier because of the way he draws them. You can find our funny comics on the relevant social media links below. Also, we recently published a collection of our comics in a book consisting of our best shark comics. Check it out sometime! And for now – enjoy the games.


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