How Famous Characters Would Spend Time In Quarantine (14 illustration)


Everybody is restricted the world over! Our preferred characters are no exemption to the standard! What’s more, regardless of whether a large portion of them have nothing to fear about this infection… They despite everything need to set the model. In this way, I extemporized a progression of outlines in these troublesome occasions. I like to envision what they would do―from setting aside the effort to set up some great suppers to working out… In any case, most importantly and the most significant, regardless of whether it’s hard, they remain at home!

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#1 Sympathize With Your Neighbors Like The TMNT

#2 Train Your Pet Like SpongeBob

#3 Watch Netflix Like Batman

#4 Share Good Times With Your Friends Like Black Widow

#5 Work Out Like Son Goku

#6 Play Poker Or Other Board Games Like Ash

#7 Try Yoga Like Hulk

#8 Do A Big Cleaning Like Flash

#9 Start A Manual Activity Like Obelix

#10 Learn To Cook Like Buu

#11 Take A Look At Nature Like Catwoman

#12 Exercise Like Superman

#13 Make Up For Lost Sleep Like Gaston

#14 Organize Your Wardrobe Like Link


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