How to have fun in quarantine with parrots


We have already published material with a married couple who created a gallery for gerbils, they already have followers. Rebecca Keane, a resident of the state of Delaware (USA), decided to introduce her pets to art.

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While everyone is quarantined, people entertain not only themselves, but also pets.

At Rebecca Keane, 7 budgerigars live at home. They are very bright, emotional and funny birds, but during self-isolation, the hostess decided to diversify their leisure.

As soon as she saw an art gallery created for gerbils, she decided to make one for her birds.

The girl named the exhibition “Musée de BudgerigART”, adding many copies of the works of famous artists.

And parrots really like living in an art gallery!

Replicas of famous paintings featuring parrots

The mistress of the birds plans to expand the gallery, introducing birds to the art and more!


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