Little Cat dog wins the hearts of everyone who sees him


This time, cat owners and dog lovers can not argue with each other. Absolutely everyone will like this baby! The point is all in its very unusual coat and expression with its faces.

In Vietnam, Hanoi has a new celebrity – a cute puppy named Gau Mao. The reason for this is his unusual appearance. It looks like a teddy bear with fuller hair, with cute paws on a cat, its nose on a dog, and its ears on a fox.

Network users can not decide who he is most like.

Dog handlers in the comments are trying to determine the breed of the baby, but so far they can’t. Most commentators believe that Gau is just a mongrel.

Regardless of the breed, the baby is very popular and famous.

Its owner said that he bought the baby from an ordinary farmer.
“I suspect he might have a gene mutation. The puppy was bought by me in one of the mountain provinces of Vietnam, ”said its owner Tuan.

Nevertheless, 43 thousand people have already signed up for the puppy’s page and all of them are crazy about him!

Who do you think he looks more like?


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