Meet Shiro, an adorable disabled puppy who likes to care for foster animals


Puppies always surprise us with their compassion, loyalty and the joy they bring us. All we need to do is take care of them. This is something that Sheryl Smith has been doing for years. She did her duty to rescue abandoned, battered and sick animals, care for them until they recover and help them find a loving home. That’s how she met her dog Shiro, a puppy that recently went viral.

Meet Shiro, a deaf and partially blind puppy who loves to help comfort foster animals

Shiro was adopted almost two years ago, after a long and exhaustive search for a permanent home. Apparently, the adorable dog that is deaf and partially blind has been to 2 shelters and 12 temporary homes. It was also adopted 4 times just to be returned.

Shiro was abandoned by so many people that it caused paralyzing anxiety. “He still cries in the car today because he thinks he is being left elsewhere.

The most recent friend that Shiro made is a small wildcat named Tiny Tolley. Sheryl took the kitten after finding out how sick and malnourished she is. Since Tiny Tolley entered Shiro’s house, he has never left her side.

And Shiro does this with all rescued animals that come to the care of their owner. Isn’t it cute?


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