Meet The Nevada Railway Cat That Looks Like He Needs A Bath


The Northern Nevada Railway is an ancient relic, preserved in time, which brings tourists from all over on an excursion to the trains and cars that are placed there. But they are n0t the 0nly t0urist attracti0n in the area.

Wandering around the East Ely Railway Station Museum, you will see Deer Railway Cat, and now he has become one of Nevada’s mascots.

The mud has very clear marks, it looks like it was working all day on a coal-covered locomotive.

Eric Mentsis, guest services manager and social media director, explains the role of Dirt: when tours go through the building, people are simply amazed to learn the history and history of the railway.

Then, as if he knew that it was his signal to appear, Mud just walks into the room where the tour takes place, or gets out from under one of the trains and sits in the middle of the group with a sense of pride that only he can have.

The East Ely Railway Station is the only home that Dirt has ever known.

He was born there 11 years ago in a lost delusion. “She had her kittens under one of our trains, or rather with a 1907 rotary snow blower. The rotary snow blower is a huge snow removal steam locomotive.

Mom and other kittens left, and this one stroller was all alone, but was afraid to leave. Thus, our railway crews left a can of tuna every evening in the chair for this kitten, in the end, the kitten came out friendly to the crew, explains Eric.

The dirt is actually an orange-white cat, but since at an early age he began to ride in the mud and climb trains, his white fur turns gray, Eric said.

At a young age, Dirt learned not to lick himself clean, like ordinary cats, being lost, he likes to stay greasy and dirty, because it helps him look tough and in a sense keeps him clean, because things don’t stick to him. fur and beetles do not fit him

Back when our trains were built, the railway was the 2nd most dangerous job in the world. Mining was the first most dangerous job, and we were the copper mining railway, while doing the first and second most dangerous work in the country in one place.

100 years ago, rude and strong people needed to transport millions of tons of rock by rail to melt and make copper in order to provide the world with electricity. You look at old photographs of these people, and you can simply tell from their eyes that they have stories. When you look into Dirt’s eyes, he has the same look.

Mud is pretty much one of those old railroad men now living like a cat. Dirt walks around the store as if he were the boss, making sure that everything worked correctly. The type of boss who started from below and made his way to the latter, the type who knows how hard and hard to work, but believes that his people can do it. He walks with pride around his engine room, as if it were his train, and he and he are proud of the people who continue them. He will climb and walk on trains, as if examining them, checking to see if grease is spilling out or bearings are lubricated, Eric described.

People love to hear the history of the railroad, but Dirt always steals the show with his attitude to celebrities, he poses for photographs, rubs the feet of visitors and allows them to stroke it.

Outside, he may look like an old strong railroad worker, but inside he is a true lover.

Kittens had dirt many years ago, and most of them were orange-white and as dirty as Dirt. Most had no sense of how to live around trains, so we reoriented them, and many of our railway crews and volunteers took them and drove them home. One of Dirt’s kittens lived in the engine room for about 7 years, but a little more than a year ago he found a better house. The dirt has been fixed since then.

Eric says it’s undeniable that Mud has become a star. I really like it when they talk about other places with Mud without indicating the name of the museum so that people can recognize it. Yesterday a woman came to us who saw his photo in the gift shop, not realizing that she was where Dirt lives, and when she recognized him, she was overjoyed.

This kitten loves its work and takes it very seriously, and at the same time steals the hearts of everyone who sees it.


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