My Dog’s Knee Surgery—Life In Blue


So here’s the story, about a year ago, my dog, Corbin, ran into the house from the back yard, when he got to the deck, he squealed strangely and started to limp. After visiting the veterinarian, they gave us medicines and sent us on our way.We raised this issue again, but the resolution tried to keep him from playing with his brother, and a decrease in activity did not help limp.

Fast forward to this year during his physical; we were told that he had terrible arthritis and would need TCL surgery (knee surgery). He tore his MCL and CCL (canine equivalent ACL), and also had severe arthritis. The veterinarian said: If we g0t to this earlier, we could prevent arthritis. Fortunately, the operation went great, and when he returned home, we decided to give him a toy with an avocado, which he likes to play, and his pajamas, which you can snuggle into.

Now he is doing well, and he finally got his cone! Nevertheless, you need to heal a little, but he is doing well and he responds well to home therapy!

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Imagine when Corbin returned home from the hospital. He was still a little nervous, but he was happy to be at home.


Jams were such that other dogs would not lick his place of operation … the cone was what he did not want. Now he is much happier, because he is on the right path to recovery!


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