The 18 funniest animal photos this week to make your day better


Dressed-up chickens, Easter cat-rabbits, touching relationships of children and animals – you have something to smile at in this photo collection!

#1 It was the second week of quarantine. My boyfriend and I created a gallery for our mouse.

#2 In self-isolation, all that’s left is to arrange fashion shows for chicks

#3 Archie is stopping me from reading, but can anyone be mad at him?”

All tenderness in one photo!

#4 Since childhood, best friends!

#5 My mother met this kitten on the road and was no longer able to part with it.

#6 My cat tree has good fruit this year!

#7 A typical birthday celebration in April 2020.

#8 A cat in our yard adopted an orphaned possum baby

#9 This is what a platypus kid looks pleased with his life.

#10 Doctor Miu at your service

#11 Two fluffy neighbors peep out of their windows

#12 Nice cosplay

#13 Help! I found a wild Easter bunny at home!

#14 Easter is near!

#16 Miso on a diet. But by chance I found her cache!

#17 It seems to me, or my cat is somewhat plump

#18 The neighbor cat loves to come and smell when I cook


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