The artist Create 7, 8 And 9 Chapters of This Beautiful Comic story. (Wolf Butler and His Cat Master)


The cat of a wealthy owner is always in a fit of mood. He is always irritable to an attentive wolf butler, but not particularly annoying … I think he really likes butter and is afraid to show affection. ALL CREDIT Gose TO ARTIST MANGA

7 Chapter

One Day Young master You’re going to confess to who?

it’s not confessing!! JUST want to tell him that I didn’t hate him that much! is that so..

well, just tell the other side directly… NO WAY! THAT’S too dumb!

How about giving him a gift? Good should I give?

what does he like? That guy likes..

Mind blanking FORGET IT, I’ll just keep on hating him

Young master lunch is ready

Git it, don’t touch my head

(CHAPTER 8) Today I have one Purpose, Master (cat) in the middle of stalking

BUTLER (wolf) during going outside Find out what that guy likes!

I’ll buy the some like him, that stuff he  looked, wrop them up for me! BUY BUY BUY !

so tried  That should be enough

what that person bought just now (I want the same!

buy everything he’s interested in, There must be something he likes in it!

so thirsty,,, But I’ve spent all my money

There’s a can inside ?

Some one..

he bought too much he forgot to take it.. look like I have to drink it for you!

so sour !

(CHAPTER 9) tHIS HAS NO reference value at all?

I’ll bought everything that guy looked, Let’s see what he actually likes!

shower Get, neck tie, socks WHY THEY ARE ALL BORING STUFFS…

Young master dinner is ready

I’m a big bird!

While master’s eating dinner, batler clean up the room these clothes all over the floor it..

To Be Continued


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