The Artist “dan piraro” illustrate These 25 Comics which Are full of Humor


Daniel Charles Pilaro is the best-known painter, illustrator, and cartoonist in Bizarro’s Syndicated Cartoon Panel. Pilaro’s manga has been reprinted in a collection of 16 books (as of 2012). He has also written three books in prose. Since 2001, Pilaro has toured the United States at one of his comedy shows, the Visa Robalony Show. And it won the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival Best Solo Show Award. He played his last full show in 2008, but since then he has played the part of the show several times. Bizarro sets the stage for unique creativity and everyday surprises never seen since Gary Larson and his The Far Side panel.. Speaking of panels, Pilaro is one of the few creators to offer daily services to both horizontal cartoon spaces and square profile info panel formats to better meet the needs of newspaper space.

Profile info

#1 Yes because human life protection is a “muzzle”

#2 I’ve had a selective memory mattress for as long as I can remember.

#3 You’ve never had a real roach problem until you’ve lived in a building made of food


#4 Western medical bill for that procedure: $15,000


#6 Omg that is fun

#7 Boomer meme

#8 Future sommeliers!

#9 There are five secret symbols in there? Surely you’re joking. Or perhaps I cannot remember them all…


#11 The fly floating in it gives a hint of organic airiness

#12 Rudy really let himself go

#13 Santa’s had a tough year trying to keep all the elves socially distanced and the reindeer healthy! I think he’s earned it!

#14 Parrot strong!

#15 This sounds like Higgs when he predicted the existence of Higgs bosons and he was right after everyone made fun of him and thought he’s crazy












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