The owner threw his dog in a snowy forest, tightly tied to a tree.


This complicated story originates in the Republic of Karelia. Residents of Nukuttalahti Farm began to notice a stately dog in the vicinity, similar to a husky. They tried to feed her, but she tried to stay away, scared of every human movement. In addition, the poor thing was clearly injured – she needed help.

A group of initiative volunteers led by Elena Balekhova decided to deal with the situation. The girl and her assistants left for the place, but the dog did not show for a long time. I had to wait a long time before she managed to drive her into the shed with great difficulty.

The frightened poor man was afraid of everything: looks directed at her, sounds, movements, the very appearance of a person next to her. An incredibly tight collar was worn around her neck, which injured the dog. Veterinarians took it off and prescribed all the necessary medications.

The dog, it was decided to call the Secret. There were clearly huskies in her family, and she was hardly one year old. Soon Elena managed to find out that a mushroom picker had once found Mystery firmly attached to a tree in the forest. He decided to untie the girl, and since then she has wandered around the villages and surrounding areas. It was difficult to say who and what left her in this state. However, Mystery was clearly upset by what had happened and could not trust people.

Each time she was taken for a walk, Mystery fell into a panic, did not want to put on a collar, hid under the porch, and ran away. Only a small circle of people aroused her trust, but even with them she sometimes fell into very anxious states.

Despite its past and remaining fear, Mystery was a very friendly, affectionate, kind dog. She got along with other dogs and even cats, smiled at people in rare moments of relaxation, and sometimes even enjoyed walking.

To cope with such a difficult dog as Mystery is a difficult task, but Arina was not stopped by these obstacles. She paid the rest of the debt for the girl and took her to her house, where the process of upbringing and addiction began.

At first, Mystery was afraid of everything, hid, dragged shoes. But, thanks to the patience of Arina, quietly Tainochka relaxed and learned to trust her mistress.

Mystery lives with Arina in a house near the lake. The girl works at the stable, so Mystery is never boring!

This is how the once devoted Mystery was able to overcome its fears and become happy in the new house. Of course, all this would not have been possible without the enormous contribution of Elena and all her assistants, for which they would like to say a special thank you!


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