The sick cat had almost no chance of finding a home


The story of the red fur seal Tubik began in the same way as many of his other brothers in misfortune. He was born on the street, was not needed by anyone, was starving and suffering from a cold, and in addition to everything, he also caught a terrible infection. Because of her, he was almost blind, but, fortunately, caring people came to help him: the staff of the Cat Shelter.

The tube hit the Little House with a dirty, skinny, sick kitten. He almost did not see anything, he suffered every day, but the volunteers still fought for the life of their ward. As a result, he went on the mend: and even though he didn’t see very well, he felt much better!

The tube grew in the “House” and therefore, from childhood, got along well with its fluffy relatives. He loved to play, caress, was a very peaceful guy. Fallen vision did not stop him from running briskly, jumping and feeling no worse than other cats.

Attaching a purebred cat is not an easy task, and when he has health problems, the situation becomes even more complicated. But the volunteers did not lose faith in the fact that luck would surely smile to such a sweet and clever cat like Tubik.

Despite the fact that the main part of the tube treatment was behind, he still needed special care. The announcement of fundraising for Tube on the site was seen by residents of Moscow, Sofia and her young man. Kitty lived in Volgograd, but for some reason he immediately sunk into their souls. They decided to take him to their house.

Volunteers brought Tubik to a new house, where, for the first time, of course, he was a little afraid of everything. However, the care and patience of the owners did their job, and soon the red cat felt relaxed and very happy.

Here’s what Sofia said about her pet:
“Firstly, it was found that, like all cats, our Tube has a special character. He is incredibly well-mannered and modest, never allows himself too much. At the same time, he loves affection and always craves attention: you get up in the morning or come home in the evening, you put food to him, but he’s like he doesn’t care about the bowl – he follows you on the heels and asks to pet. Secondly, he appears in the house and you can’t imagine your life without him, because this is a completely different life , in which it’s easier to get up in the morning when scratched him behind the ear, and in the evenings it’s fatigue when he lies next to him and stroking his stomach, and thirdly, along with all this comes some realization of the enormous responsibility and enormous scale of what is happening, that this living creature is now with you for 15, maybe 20 years, and this is also some interesting feeling, especially when you’ve lived “for yourself” all your life

The story of the Tube was florid and complicated, but in the end he still achieved his happiness. Its owners are wonderful and kind people who openly talk about their experience of “adopting” a cat from a shelter and everyone who wants to have a pet is advised to follow their example!


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