The two-month-old kitten did not understand why it hurt so much


A small, immobilized and clearly suffering terrible lump of wool on the street was found by non-airborne residents of Volgograd. They came closer and realized that the strange creature was just a tiny kitten, weak, but alive. The victim was handed over urgently to the care of the Volunteer Shelter volunteers.

Injury to the eyes, fractures of the paw and thigh, dislocation of the jaw – this is an incomplete list of injuries that were recorded by veterinarians during the examination. The two-month-old girl was likely hit by a car, and she managed to survive only by a miracle. Volunteers and doctors decided to fight for the baby. They called her Yusha.

It was difficult to find a suitable pin for Yusha’s tiny paw, but the operation was finally performed. As soon as she gained strength and was able to get up, she immediately amazed everyone with the fact that she instantly learned to use the tray: even in her condition, she remained a real little lady!

After the injuries, Yusha lost the ability to see with one eye, but this did not prevent her from living a fun and happy life. Like all the kids, Yusha was active and curious, she loved to rush and play, which she did most of the time.

Attaching a cat with an injury is not an easy task, but the volunteers were sure that Yushu would find its good hands. She was very fond of spending time with a man, purring on his knees, snuggling up to her chest – an exemplary kitty!

Many friends of the shelter were worried about Yusha’s fate, and finally, one day, Nadezhda and Denis crossed his threshold. They resolutely took the beauty in her arms and proclaimed that now she would live with them!

According to Nadezhda, Yusha really, really likes it in the new house. She behaves arrogantly and regally, but she is forgiven for everything: after all, the family loves her unusual pet so much!

Happy Yusha sends her greetings and proves by her example that everything is possible in this world – even to be saved, if you are a tiny downed kitten. May there be more such wonderful stories of salvation!




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