These 20 Cats and Dogs Hilarious Comics will Make Your Day And Mood Better.


Are you a cat or a dog? This is a common question asked by the public. You can never be both, but for no particular reason, there is a reason why this question comes up so often. As you know, cats and dogs have fundamentally opposite personalities, and their relationships with humans are naturally very different. Cats are usually more independent and clever and don’t require your love in particular. Dogs, on the other hand, are more sociable, playful, and friendly creatures, and, dare to say, sometimes a little stupid. Is there a better way to explain the different experiences of cat and dog owners than a well-crafted cartoon? We hope you feel as cheerful as we do.

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#1 When you buy your cat a bed but they choose to sleep somewhere else


#2 Have a full Monday

#3 Oops” was literally my first response before I read the caption

#4 Harassment & mugging my cats got down to a T.Though thought I was only one whose cats begged. We use to have dog many years ago. Learned from the dog. Passed down to other cats.. I have one who will go help herself if she smells food.

#5 Can’t have a 5-second rule with a 3-second dog…

#6 He’s a cat! He should know better!!

#7 And the Cat’s playlist would be 1) Wake up I’m hungry 2) You really didn’t want to use this box now did you 3) Do you mind, I’m cleaning here 4) Here’s a present for you 5) Look an indoor garden 6) I don’t know how that happened. Ask the dog















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