These illustrations Perfectly Portray Pets Owners Who Never Feeling Lonely.


Los Angeles-based artist Yaoyao Ma Wan As creates warm and sunny paintings depicting herself and her dog Parker. The illustrations tell the life of a dog owner, and anyone with a dog will recognize themselves in these situations. Those who don’t will understand that nothing stays the same if you decide to have a puppy. Life always seems a little less lonely if there is at least one person to share your feelings with. But this is not always necessary, sometimes your best companion is four legs and a tail. Yes, your dog, he is the one who always feels by your side, no matter what. He won’t judge you for not being too beautiful, not too popular, or not too rich. He will always stretch out his paw and give you all the love in the world. So if you are a dog owner, you will never be lonely!

#1. This will be the best alarm clock in the world. You can be sure that they will wake you up because they already miss you.

#2. The grass definitely seems greener and more soothing with them around.

#3. They will never make you feel lonely and sad, even when the weather is cloudy and depressing.

#4. They always want to show you their love. Because they think you’re the best.

#5. At night they will always hug you next to you.

#6. They always want your attention.

#7. Well, sometimes it can be messy. But hey, they still love you!

#7. They are your biggest fans and will always support you.

#8. Always in the mood to play. Life will never get bored!

#9. Sometimes they can wake you up from sleep. But they always want to protect you.

#10. No matter how cold it is. You will always be the warmth of their love.


#11. They will not leave you alone, even if you are in the shower.

#12. Life can get busier, but you can count on them to take care of you.

#13. They teach you the value of sharing.

#14. They are sometimes difficult to deal with, but they will never make you cry.

#15. Even simple housework can be much more enjoyable if they are interested in playing with you.

#16. Training? In this, they will also keep you company!

#17. Yes, they deserve all your love and affection.

#18. They want to be a part of all your adventures and will never leave you alone.

#19. The sea definitely seems a little warmer and less lonely next to them.

#20 Almost Christmas

#21 Somewhere not here

#22 Summer lounging

#23 Almost autumn

#24 Work from home face routine

#25 Parker first

#26 Daily visitor

#27 Togetherness

#28 Passing kiss

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