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OkBlue is a webcomic series created on Insomnia Night in November 2019. There were a lot of stressors in my personal life at that time, and I couldn’t sleep at all. I just got a new iPad Pro, and this time, I got my first time practicing drawing cartoons with Procreate. When I finally got an idea or a sketch for my favorite manga, I started coloring the main character, whom I call “Jelly”, but has no official name. I chose blue, but the outlines didn’t look right, so I chose dark blue. Before I knew it, I painted everything blue. When I finished, I looked at the page and said, “Okay blue.” After a few weeks, I drew about eight cartoons for my backlog, figured out the paint scheme, and then created an Instagram page.

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My first manga “I Miss You” debuted on Instagram on December 4th. Since then, I have a small audience that is very interesting and fun to interact with. We recently launched a Discord server and call ourselves Blue Crew! I’m an introvert, so I think it’s a good way to name myself, but it still keeps the iPad safe.



















I hope to refine some of the characters in the future and maybe give them small arcs. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I would like to include more stories, but only if they keep the same vibe. It would be great to meet more people through Wednesday and I’ve always wanted to do Comicon and sell T-shirts/merchandise, mainly because I think it would be cool to see someone swing an OKBlue T-shirt in the street. Hopefully, I’ll feel confident enough to jump on these things someday!


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