This Comic Reveals How A Dog Feels Home Alone


American artist Jane of The Pigeon Gazette made these fun drawings to illustrate how dogs feel and what they think when they are alone at home. While it may happen that you just went to the store and back, the comic strip shows that in your understanding of the time it was f-o-r-e-v-e-r … Yes, he counted the event. So don’t blame your adorable dog for panicking a bit, making a huge mess, and eating all the food in the closet …

Dog experts say you might want to try putting your pet in a small room or a quiet part of the house, as having a whole house for yourself can be too overwhelming. Another great idea is to keep the clothes you recently wore, as your scent will make your cute little dog feel calmer. Last but not least, give them a toy to play with while you’re away.

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There is nothing better than returning home to a dog who is happy to see you. But if your dog exhibits certain destructive behaviors in your absence, such as destructive chewing, frantic digging, or urination, they may feel separation. For dogs with separation anxiety, leaving home is deeply upsetting. Owners who return home to find their hyperventilated puppies know this to be true.

Even the most relaxed and well-adjusted dog can feel lonely or make a mess when left alone at home. The key to training your dog is to get used to time separation. For some dogs, this can be as simple as training a crate. For others, you may need to urge this exhausted dog’s 43-step program to keep your separation-stricken dog alone. Either way, it is imperative to create a safe place for your dog when you leave the house.

We hope you always come home to a happy, relaxed puppy.


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