Tibetan mastiff Norbu – giant with the kindest heart


Tibetan mastiffs are dogs with an average weight of 70 kg and a height of 70 cm. Due to the abundance of hair, powerful musculature and a confident muzzle, they often cause fear or even fear in an unprepared person, but in reality everything is completely different! Let us prove this to you with the example of a Dutch tailed resident nicknamed Norbu.

Mistress Norbu Judith had been dreaming of a dog since childhood, but her parents did not dare to have a pet for a long time. When the girl was 12, a dog named Olli rescued from the shelter appeared in the family, whom Judith still adores. But she still wanted to take another doggie, and once, when she was taking photos of Tibetan mastiffs, she realized that she wanted such a dog for herself.

So 3 years ago, Judith had a handsome Norbu, a Tibetan mastiff with a very kind heart. He adores his friend Olli, loves new acquaintances and warm evenings with his family.

Norbu is a very photogenic dog, but he is especially good in pictures with teddy bears, next to which he looks extremely touching. See for yourself by taking a couple of minutes on his Instagram page!

Credit [email protected]__norbu


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