Two cats became famous thanks to their difficult relationship.


From love to hate – one step of cat’s feet. This is exactly what you can say by looking at the joint photos of Muffin and Chiz, two cats that shine in bright pictures, captivating netizens with their emotionality. They quarrel, sometimes reconcile, have mercy together, and then fight with their paws, hiss, purr, and, in general, do everything to express their emotions in relation to each other. And this is watched every day by 124 thousand people subscribed to their account!

The owner of the seals Nakatani says that he was the first to take a bright-colored cat of the Munchkin breed, nicknamed Muffin, to the house. He fell in love with him literally at first sight when he came to the breeder. So a 10-month-old cat was in a new house. From excitement, he could first go to the toilet in the wrong places and nibbled on wires, but Nakatani was patient with this.

A few months later, Selkirk-Rex Cheese joined Muffin. Despite his constantly displeased expression on his face, Cheese is a friendly and more contact cat than Muffin.

Their joint photos are very emotional: it is impossible to keep a smile, looking at how they kiss, beat each other with their paws, or sleep peacefully together. And as soon as the owner manages to capture such vivid shots? Magic, not otherwise!


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