Viral Post About Aging Dogs Urges People To Cherish Them, And It Hits Right In The Feelings


One of the most heartbreaking things about having a pet is to survive it. But taking care of them to the very end, whether we are talking to them, listening to their cough, or carrying them up and down the stairs, is one of the most important parts of our duty as owners. In addition, they deserve it. Those countless smiles, hugs and snuggles that we have bathed in for many years have made our lives, so it is true that we do the same for them when they need us most. Not because we should; because it is right.

28-year-old Jessica Cocker described this feeling beautifully in a Facebook post she made in 2019. And he still has not disappeared into Internet oblivion, having received more than 121 thousand Responses and 113 thousand Shares. And something tells me that this will never happen – Jessica’s words reflected the eternally pertinent difficulties associated with the passage of time, and served as a reminder to cherish the moments that we still have.

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My dog, Moose, is getting older, and I noticed that it is starting to slow down,  One night, when he was lying with me in bed, I began to cry, thinking about how my life would change without him. He was like a shadow to me. Something that you don’t notice every moment, but always quietly in high heels. “” He has been with me all my adult life. When I learned to be alone, he was there, so I did not need to. When I wrote down my thoughts, the words just came from me, because I really cherish them and everything that he experienced with me over the years. It seems strange to think that there will be a time when he will not be next to an important event in my life, as he was for everyone else. ”


The life expectancy of St. Bernards is from 8 to 10 years. Belle almost 12 every day with her is a blessing! She underwent surgery 4 years ago, and they told me that she might have a year left! I cherish every moment with my girlfriend!


My Sofia will be 17 on Saturday. You don’t understand that there will be so many last walks the last time when she can climb the stairs or jump off the couch. We adapt, but watch how painful she is, seeing how her personality disappears. It is very difficult. I appreciate every day spent with her.


My harley. He was saved when he was 1 year old. Just turned 12. He copes very well with the old man. But we know that he has only a few years, so we are doing our best.


That’s right. Chappy is 13.5 and now completely deaf. I am so glad that I taught him the manual signals along with the voice. In any case, he understands everything. Almost instinctively knows what I want, and I know what he wants, because many things have become a chore for him. If I spin, he knows it’s time to dance. I don’t even want to imagine life without him. He traveled around the country with me, went to college with me, and most recently licks the tears on my face that I shed, having lost my son, and snuggles up to me. They are a great comforter. They are special!


My great dog Rocky passed away this morning. He was the lifeguard of a Michigan shelter and the cutest little guy. We are all heartbroken


My soul mate … she did this for 14 years and passed away last June. My life has not changed since then. I will love you forever Sango


The best part of my life. They have been on my side for 10 years, and I hope that I will be blessed by many more.


Our sweet Monty spent away fourteen days prior. He allowed us 15 years of glad love, and we adored him consistently, realizing that his time with us will consistently be excessively short


Our first child, she will be 10 years old in a few weeks. She chose my husband many years ago. She has dementia and she forgets where she is and who we are sometimes, but she still gives great cuddles


My elderly woman has just turned 17 years old, and I can swear I received her a couple of years ago. Years … they go fast. She saw me through relationships, apartments, our house (which I bought so she could have a yard) and everything from my late twenties to the mid forties. I don’t know what my life will look like when it leaves, but until then I love it very much


My girlfriend, who drives or dies for almost 2 years after being diagnosed with cancer, is so grateful that she is still on my side.


Oh my heart, Sadie will be 12 this year and I treasure every day when I left her


Fletcher was next to me through 3 houses, 3 other dogs, my wedding, the death of dear friends and family members, my brother and all the anxiety attacks that ever passed through my body. We said goodbye in April 2018. He was 18 years old. I miss him so much.


15 year old Bailey.It’ll break my heart when it’s gone


Andre will be 16 years old in April, and I have been with him since 15 years. It really touched me, because I had it already half my life, and he was with me before, during and after everything and everyone. I know that this day is coming and I will never be fully prepared for it, but I am so grateful that he always stayed with me and loved me all this time


My poor baby is now 15 years old, and I did not need to see her after 2 years. The last time I saw her, she started to go blind and hardly walked around my father’s yard, unfortunately, I just wait to hear them tell me that she passed. My oldest lab, Sam, passed away 2 years ago after 15 years of my life. I really miss them both


This is true. This girl turned 9 years old last month. I adopted her as a 7 week old puppy when my firstborn was 4 months old and my husband was deployed. Literally, she was on my side more than anyone else. She now has mobility problems due to hip dysplasia and arthritis, and this absolutely kills me from thinking that she won’t be around any longer.


That’s for sure. I rarely try to call our “old” dog – just find it somewhere under the covers. I try to make sure that the stairs from the deck are shoveling (we live in North America), and that his much larger younger (dog) sister does not bother him too much. He was with my husband in two houses, he has two brothers and sisters, as well as two roommates. He is an angel. I hope he has been around for many more years.


This applies on the spot. 11 years before I can blink. Love my old woman House wouldn’t be the same without her


My two turds (Yuki and Shadow), which I really love


The love of my life, my little shadow and second heartbeat of 14 years and 12 years on my side. I’m not perfect without him


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