Wholesome Dog Takes His Little Owner To And From The School Bus Every Day


If someone needs some proof that the dogs are too clean for this world, you must tell them that. Their loyalty has proven that it resists the passage of time, distance, weather and any other obstacles. And this is best seen in dogs awaiting their owners. From a real dog spending 12 hours a day looking at the station, to a dog that waits 4 years in the same place to meet its owner, these are real stories that need no further explanation.

This time, an impressive case with another faithful dog was discovered in Henan, China. This video depicting a small white dog, who carefully “escorts” his young master to the school bus and waits where she returns, became viral. The video was posted on Douyin’s Chinese video platform by the mother of a girl who said she was filming a video to show her followers how her faithful pet was protecting her daughter. This is the same guard with whom you could go to the ends of the world.

Images of a small white dog sending its owner on a school bus are spreading fast in China




Here you can see a loving security guard waiting in the same place to greet his master.


Here is the full vide0 0f tw0 inseparable friends

This is what pe0ple had t0 say


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