20 Brutally Hilarious And Funny Comics For Lovers of Dark Humor (20 NEW Comics)


While dark humor is not a new concept, it was only in 1935 that French surrealist Andre Breton introduced the name. Jokes with dark humor include topics that are usually considered taboo or difficult to discuss and often include irony. The most popular examples would be the writings of Shakespeare himself, who often saw tragic moments with an easier side of the famous works of the British comedian Monty Python. Our brains have to work hard enough to understand the irony – sarcastic messages are loading our crania with twice the size of a computer, compared to the usual forms of language. So, having a sense of it basically means that your brain is more adept at solving creative problems. Although if you use it too much, other people may confuse your dark sense of humor with a sociopath. Mr. Lowenstein, aka J .. L. Westover, draws funny comics with dark humor with the most unexpected endings. Featuring everything from animals to funny tips to random situations – I’m sure they will help you get through this workday faster. Check out our collection of these dark humorous memes below.


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ZOMG. Mind scientifically blown to bits. So THIS is why we never see a happy snake; biologically they don’t even know which end is up. Like Chris Rock as the Zebra in Madagascar when he too had a biological epiphany: “Am I white with black stripes or black with white stripes??” And my own biological epiphany: “Am I just “with” stupid as the infamous T-shirt declares? Or am I actually the stupid one in this duo???” Sadly, there is proof on a near daily basis that I am not just “with” stupid but am, in fact, ate-UP with the stupidness. A check of my Permanent Record shows I think and do more stupid before breakfast than most full-time professional morons do in a lifetime.





















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