20+ Comics That Will Ring a Bell With Anyone Who’s Ever Fallen in Love


Being in love with someone is more than just holding hands, dating, or posting beautiful pictures of each other on Instagram. Being truly in love means being anxious when your loved one takes time to get home, sitting close and listening to your partner’s worries when he/she is having a hard day, taking care of a loved one when he/she becomes ill and much more than that. It’s just loving a partner unconditionally and always being there without expecting anything in return. When we are in a relationship, especially at the beginning, it seems that nothing in the world is more important than that person and we could do anything just to make him happy. Over time, this feeling may fade a little but true love will remain. And that’s exactly what photographer Luong Thuy shows in her beautiful paintings. My inspiration in everyday life is with my sweetheart. The stories I tell are also stories about myself – the artist told. when asked how she was inspired to create these design ideas.


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Through the pictures I draw, more importantly, I want to represent the fond memories I have of my sweetheart. I also want people to feel happy and optimistic when they see my pictures. Sometimes a few of my followers text me about their love stories or share their problems with me. I can’t always give people the right advice but I’m always willing to share my experiences with them, helping them feel relieved. It also makes me happy when I know I have helped them a little. Life is much better with love in it – said the artist. We should admit that these pictures lead us to believe that there is true love!

















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