20 People Who Didn’t Want “Those Pets in the House” but Now Can’t Spend a Day Without Them


To be honest, we all know those. First, they say they never let a dog into their house, and then you find that they put their dog in bed to keep it cozy and warm. Or they swear they’ll move out if a cat comes into the house, and brush their adorable little princess’s fur every morning. Well, pets obviously have some superpowers that make us change our minds as soon as we see these cuties. We found these 20 dads and moms who were once against pets, but now they can’t imagine their life without their beloved cats and dogs.


Photo Credit milleepthesheep / Reddit

#1 Daddy didn’t want a dog. Dad and dog

#2 My father, who categorically “did not want another cat”, called me on the phone and asked me to turn off the bath, because he was busy


#4 My boyfriend didn’t want a dog, but I have a female pug puppy. It was a picture of him for me, letting me know that he picked it up

#5 The guy didn’t want a cat,” and we were told that she was “not a cat on her lap … It was 24 hours after Minnie came to her home forever.

#6 I didn’t want another dog. My wife did. So we compromised and got another dog

#7 My stepfather didn’t want a cat. It’s safe to say that Oscar changed his mind


#8 My mom and the dog she didn’t want

#9 My father didn’t want a dog. Now she’s his favorite little girl


#10  If this kitten walks in that door, but just a TOE, I will kick you and him out forever. Two years later.

#11 I don’t like this one, ”he says as they hug over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

#12 Part 2 … if you have another dog, I will leave. Still here

#13 I brought home this special needs kitty that my father vowed that he  can’t stay more than one week!  Two years later, he was jealous when she lay down on knees that did not belong to him.


#14 My dad didn’t want a dog … Now he puts the dog to bed every night

#15 My dad who didn’t want a dog

#16 Okay, but he can’t stand on furniture.


#17 Dad: No cats! Dad (a year later): Listen, I’m teaching her an A!

#18 My dad: This dog is too small. I do not like this. It’s not even a real dog. Also my dad

#18 Mr. Big Strong Mechanic The dad who didn’t want a cat to brush its little prince in the middle of the morning


#19 The purest love is the love between grumpy dads and pets they said they didn’t want

#20 I am not interested in pets. … 2 years later


Do you know a person who didn’t want a pet at first, but then changed his mind, and now he has the best furry friend in the world? Or maybe you yourself are that person? We’ll be glad to hear your stories about friendship between humans and animals in the comments!



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