20 ridiculous dog tomfooles that prove that dogs are still cranks


With dogs, life begins to play with new colors – any owner knows that! Our charming four-legged friends love to do various tricks that cannot but cheer you up. Catch a fun selection of eccentric songs!

Credit www.reddit.com

#1. When you are asked to smile at a photo shoot …

#2. The range of dog emotions!

#3. Our Winston loves to pose for a photo!

#4. Trying to work at home as I can.

#5. What is wrong with my dog ?!

#6. Take the dog, they said It will be fun, they said .

#7. He came up to me, and asked me to remove the box, which he climbed into.

#8. And our dog loves to build his nests ..

#9. My little granny

#10. And how do they manage to fall asleep in such poses?

#12. When I stop stroking her, they always look at me like that.

#13. Raised boy chooses bushes

14. Find the chicken legs

#15. It seems my dog is not happy with plants

#16.In attempts to catch water ..

#17. “Her favorite way to scratch her tummy.”

#18. A typical photo with a friend

#19 My dog has broken

#20. We start the day with little buggies!


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