30 Comics With Weird And Unexpected Endings By Artist Tony Esp (30 New Comics


In a previous post, comic artist and animator Tony Espe said he creates random comics that range from puns and silly jokes to twisted comics that make you think “wait … what?” reading them. These comics are full of ridiculous and unexpected endings, so even if you look at them as a guessing game, think that you understood everything and try to determine exactly how they end – it is almost impossible since these stories are unique and could follow many unpredictable paths. But one thing is guaranteed – these webcomics will definitely keep you entertained in these dark and lonely times if you like darker humor. My comics are … strange even for me. They can instantly go from useful family content to alien sex and horror. If I had to describe them, I would say: WTF, – described his comics Tony Esp Bored Panda. and it’s just intriguing. So dive into Tony Espa’s quirky and funny thoughts, expressed in the best of his comics, and read what an artist really is in the interview below!.


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#1 This is an incredibly deep Art!











The Mexican-based artist began drawing comics more than four years ago to use his free time to improve his art. Tony Esp told Bored Panda about his early career that over time he would like to move to a full-time job. I started drawing comics around October 2016. I then wanted to create a YouTube channel but realized that I had no drawing skills for what I wanted to create, so I had to take a break. I remember reading the Rosian Rabbit comic by Alex Dempsey and thought comics were an easy way to improve my art. So I started drawing comics































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