35 Dogs Were Allowed To Pick Their Own Christmas Gifts At Animal Shelter, And Here’s What Happened


This is the time of year when all people try to be kind and kind, put others in the first place, pay special attention to their family and friends and celebrate love, joy and peace. After all, Christmas is all about giving and sharing, to thank others for the great time we spent together this year. But although we try to be good for our relatives and friends, we should not forget those who really need our attention.

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Therefore, the Dogs Trust employees of the Irish Relocation Center in Dublin made sure that the stray dogs were not forgotten. Employees, along with a group of supporters, donated many gifts to make a small miracle to those who were once left. What is really special is that instead of having employees choose a toy for each dog, they let the dogs choose their Christmas present. Dogs Trust Ireland even documented the joy of how several excited dogs were brought into a room full of toys where they could choose their Christmas present. “We recorded 35 dogs that selected a toy, and then spent (many) hours editing it to show the best reactions. One or two just wanted pets and snuggled more than a toy. Dogs were admitted one by one, so we did not need to worry about one of them wanting the same toy.


In 2017, we decided to make Secret Santa Paws for dogs, where employees bought a gift for a long-term dog specifically for them, and we recorded it and got a great reaction. In 2018, we wanted to do something else, so the staff donated toys again, but we thought that the dogs might want to choose their own. So we lined them up, and it was the best day .the dogs were so happy, and watching them was just amazing. So we did it again this year, and combined donations from our tree supporters at the reception with donations from staff toys, said Dogs Trust Ireland. As can be seen from the video posted by them, the staff carefully placed all the toys on the floor, and then one by one let the dogs into the room. Dogs were very excited to choose their gifts from many options. While some dogs immediately picked up their Christmas present, others took a while to look around each one to find the perfect fit.

Dogs Trust Ireland is Ireland’s largest dog protection charity, which has been operating since 2005. They are engaged in the rescue, rehabilitation and return of dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds to loving homes. As they write on their Facebook page, they work to ensure that all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. They pr0mise that “they will never destr0y a healthy d0g.


As you will see, the decision about which toy was an important decision for some dogs, and some were delighted with the creakiest toy that they could find, Dogs Trust Ireland writes on its Facebook page. We must admit that, just seeing the joy of these beautiful dogs, we will certainly feel the Christmas spirit soaring in the air!


We pause adoption at Christmas every year, so the dogs on the video are still with us, but we hope to find them in eternal homes in the new year! We had other shelters that built toys and allowed dogs to collect them. and they marked us in their posts, which is amazing! Sniffing toys and choosing one requires the concentration of dogs and really reveals their different personalities. It’s fantastic for us to see how so happy they are from something so simple, and we really, really hope that this will help them all to accept in 2020




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