A College Student Makes Comics About Her Daily Life, and They’re So Relatable It’s Hilarious


If you follow the artists of Instagram, you may come across the work of the interesting artist Lolibipop. The bee creates pornographic images, the star of which is a 20-year-old girl who faces all sorts of difficulties in daily life, which are very relevant to people of the same age. Many of you can see yourself in this humorous reality that is used almost every year. we found the most fun and favorite humor on her Instagram and Facebook page.


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#1 When you invite people, and then you realize what a huge mistake it was:

#2. Don’t worry. Millennials age like fine wine.


#3. Can mothers seek other forms of punishment?

#4. Someone call an ambulance, please!

#5. Over with negative

#6. When everyone thinks of their children:


#7. See some charity, people do.

#8. Now, why do people do that?


#9. What does this mean for a free day?

#10 Get to have a bubble tea! Or maybe not.

#11. When you decide that faking yourself dead is the only way out:

#12. Forgiveness Problems? Nah


#13. So, does your bra make you feel uncomfortable?

#14. Have a high time

#15. What do they put in those items?


#In the end, you can do it without any problems.

#17. Good for the planet, not bad for the arms.

#18. Oh please! They will survive and take revenge.


#19. Do you need those branches? You got them.

#20. Some mornings like: “Is there a time to get up?”


#21. A girl can dream, right?

What do you think of Bee’s Comics? Are they not aware of your current problems? Please express your opinion in a sentence.



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