A frightened dog with sad eyes looked at people


A small dog with an elegant nickname Amelie from birth lived in the apartment with the owners. She was absolutely a pet, loving her sofa and the owners. Only once, her calm life turned upside down: for some reason, Amelie was left without her beloved people and got into the walls of the Islet of Hope shelter.


Of course, the volunteers tried to provide Amelie with the best conditions, as far as possible in this situation. But Amelie, who spent the first 5 years of her life as a pet, this, of course, was not enough.


Amelie did not like long walks, was afraid of cars, loud noises. She was a real homebody, very well-mannered and calm – it is especially difficult for such dogs to live in a shelter.

The baby got along well with other dogs and cats, she loved the company of people. She always obeyed a man, carried out commands, tried to behave exemplary. Only now the shelter could not replace her home, comfortable and beloved.

Amelie was sad and every day looked with hope at everyone who looked to visit her. She seemed to be waiting for the good wizard to come after her and again take her into a happy home life.

For more than six months, touching and sad Amelie spent waiting for new owners. A meeting with them took place recently, in early April: Daria paid attention to the baby, who decided to give her a house.


Now Amelie feels happy again: she has her own bed, a warm corner, a cozy apartment and, of course, loving people nearby.

The girl has friends – cats, with whom she gets along well. Together they play and relax, and they obviously never get bored!


Sweetheart Amelie became happy again as soon as she crossed the threshold of the apartment of the new owners. It remains only to be happy for her and wish that in her life now there is always only a bright streak!



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