A stray dog nearly got under the car, but a happy incident intervened


This poor dog, suffering from exhaustion and wounds, simply ran along the street, rushing under the wheels of cars. Just by a miracle, not a single car hit him. But he attracted the attention of zoodefenders. By their efforts, this poor fellow not only survived, but also found a new loving family.

Tyrone was picked up on the street in 2015. The dog ran along a busy highway in Los Angeles, confused and scared, and, it seems, did not understand where he was and how he got here. He rushed right under the wheels of cars and only by a miracle none of them hit him.

One of the local residents, worried about the fate of Tirion, phoned the charity animal protection organization Lapa Pomoshchi. Zoodefenders immediately rushed to the aid of the dog.

“The dog went up to the car and tried to hide under it,” says Eldar Hagar, the head of the “Help Paw.” “I bent down, grabbed him by the collar and fastened a collar with a leash around his neck

The rescued dog was very nervous. He was in shock, besides he clearly suffered from pain. Zoodefenders were taken to the clinic, where more than 200 ticks were removed from his skin. In addition, his skin was covered with small scratches, some of which were already beginning to become inflamed. Having received the necessary help, Tyrion for the first few days only did what he was sleeping, restoring strength. After that, he began to wag his tail at a meeting with his rescuers and gradually recovered.

For several months the dog lived in a shelter, until, finally, there were people who wanted to take him to their house. It was a friendly and friendly family consisting of dad, mom and two daughters. They gave him a new name – Amos.
Now, after several months at home, Tirion Amos has become a completely different dog. He is absolutely happy in his new home.

“He is a very cheerful and cheerful dog,” the owners of Amos tell. “And, honestly, very lazy. He is glad to everyone who comes into the house. Everyone who saw him adores him.”

Now in Tyrion one does not recognize the nervous, frightened dog whom the world was so afraid of. Next to the owners, he has nothing to fear. He especially likes to fool around with girls, and at such moments his face is radiant with happiness.


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